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Things to do in Boracay | Boracay Attactions


Photo by:www.interaksyon.com

Photo by:www.interaksyon.com

Boracay is the famous island of the Philippines that is located approximately 315 km (196 mi) south of Manila and 2 km off the northwest tip of Panay Island in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. The island is part of the part of the Aklan province – the home of the Ati Tribe. The Island has three barangays and these are:Manoc-Manoc, Balabag, and Yapak Municipality.

Boracay Island has been featured to famous magazines, TV shows and travel sites and have received numerous awards from the Travel publications and agencies. The pure, fine white sand beaches in Boracay Island makes it famous worldwide. Foreign tourists flock to this place every year.

To get started, you need to create the list of things to do in Boracay so that you will have a productive stay in Boracay Island, Philippines. Aside from getting soak in the Beach, plenty of fun activities can be done in Boracay and a lot more.

Lodgings, Accommodations, Places to Stay and Hotels in Boracay Island, Philippines:

Ambassador in Paradise Resort

This is a 5-star hotel in boracay located in Station 1, Sitio Pinaongon, Barangay Balabag, Boracay that offers excellence hotel services and world-class hotel amenities.  Read more…

Asya Premier Suites

This is a 5-star hotel located in Sitio Cagban, Barangay Manoc-Manoc, Boracay, Philippines that offers the great ocean views and the white sand beach. Room amenities include non smoking rooms, air conditioning, bathrobes, daily newspaper, desk, hair dryer.  Read more…

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Below are the things to do in Boracay:

Ariel’s Point. This is a breathtaking eco-adventure destination for local and foreign travelers located just few minutes boat ride away from the Boracay Island. It features a cliff diving platforms from the height of 3 meters to 13 meters high and you can also do other activities such as swimming all day, snorkeling, kayaking and canoeing. At Ariel’s point, they serve BBQ buffet, bottomless beverages, Filipino merienda (afternoon snacks) and many more.

White Beach. This is the most popular Beach in Boracay Island because of its amazing view of the sunsets and the white sand making it the best of all. This beach almost has everything: the restaurant from different cuisine, the perfect temperature and the sea corals perfect for snorkeling. The palm trees and the bamboo make it the best view of all.

Tirta Spa. Located at Sitio Malabunot, Barangay Manoc-Manoc, Boracay Island, Philippines. If you are tired of whole day’s activities now it’s time for you to get relaxed. Go to Tirpa Spa for a beauty pleasure. They offer exceptional service and value for money. Certified guests say “Beautiful, peaceful location. Themed treatment villas are well appointed and comfortable.”


Yapak Beach (Puka Shell Beach). Another white sand Beach in Boracay island that offers one of the nicest beach shoreline. Most of the people come here to take some photos thus it has view. If you are looking for privacy, this beach is just perfect for you because has few people and seems like an isolated beach. The crystal blue waters are fantastic, the food are so tasteful.

Diniwid Beach. It is located in North of White Beach, Balabag, Boracay Island. It offers spectacular view of the ocean and the nearby Islands. If you want to spend time in a quiet place, a more private compared to the other Beach resorts – at Diniwid Beach is just perfect for your needs.

Mandala Day Spa. Located at the Station 3 Boracay Island and is one of the famous attractions of Boracay too. Foreign and local tourists went here to relax, get a good massage and treatments from their world class massage and beauty service. Don’t just spend the whole day on the beach. Spend sometime at the spa at the end of the day.


Bella Isa Salon and Spa. Another spa in Boracay Island that you can choose from. This is voted as the number one spa in the popular tourist destination of the Philippines that offers the top-notch luxury experiences at very affordable prices.

Mount Luho. Aside from the white sand beaches, Boracay Island also offers nature views such as climbing the Mount Luho from a hundred meters and you will be rewarded with panoramic views of the entire island and the neighboring islands. Give it a try and it’s really fun. I can assure you to that.

Crocodile Island. This island is truly a paradise and snorkeling is really unforgettable. Kayaking, swimming is just the other activities that you can do while you in this crocodile island. Get a closer look at the beautiful corals and the school of fish in this Island plus don’t forget to bring your camera so that you will capture each moment you have while enjoying in this Island.

Zipline Boracay. Another exciting and breathtaking activity in Boracay Island is to ride the zipline. The rate per person is Php700.00 but usually it’s not even especially for the foreign tourist. They are asking double the price. However, the experience is pretty much amazing. It seems like flying from above is fulfilling your ultimate wish.

Bat Caves. Have you seen a real bats flying around you? The bat caves in Boracay Island are awake from caves and fly over into the White Beach. Get close to nature and the other living things here on earth and let’s appreciate and take care of them. It is better if you could bring flashlight too just in case that you have something to use while inside the cave.

Boracay Butterfly Garden. This is located in Bolabog Beach, Boracay Island, Philippines that offers hundreds of butterfly species plus over 150 of plant species.  This is located just few minutes walk from the D’Mall Shopping Centre and 7 minutes walk from the famous White Beach. Get more close to nature now by visiting this Butterly Garden.

Boracay Horse Riding Stables. Horseback Riding in Boracay is one of the top tourist things to do while at the famous Island. Most of the honeymooners or couples ride horses together and take some pictures. That would really be a romantic experience for the couples who want to make memories together.

Dead Forest. Nothing much here, you will see dead tree trunks but aside from that the quiet place makes it so solemn. The harmonies of the birds singing are pleasant to hear. Most of the tourist that love nature would surely get a chance to visit here.

Island Hopping. This is a must-do activity in Boracay island and you’ll be able to visit the nearby Islands and beaches. Itinerary for Island hopping usually Crocodile Island, Cyrstal Cove, Puka Shell Beach, Panoly Beach. The price usually ranging from Php 2,000 – 3,000 that depends on the Boatmen.

Parasailing. This is an extreme sports activity in Boracay Island. At first you will be terrified but once you are up in the air, you wish that this won’t end. It feels great flying and taking pictures of the beautiful boracay views.

Crystal Cove Caves. This is also one of the main attractions of Boracay Island. You will be renting a boat and the boatmen will be guiding you inside cave, giving some tips and securities.  Boatmen can also help you to take pictures together and is willing to assists their guests in any way.

Snorkeling. Another exciting activity in Boracay Island is Snorkeling. Getting close to the beautiful and colorful corals, feeding of the different species of fish and a lot more. One advise that I can give is that – you should bring your own snorkeling materials instead of renting from the boatmen.

ATV Riding. ATV ride is motor rent for 600 pesos per hour. You can have 2 hours if you like but I suggest 1 hour is enough. The 600 pesos is just a motor rent plus entrance of the 2 stops on your way going up.

Banana Boat Ride. I thought it would be a great idea to give your family and friends to experience the Banana Boat Ride together. I’d be fun for sure. Banana Boat Ride is famous in every beach in the Philippines but having it in Boracay Island is the most trilling one. Try it once or even several times.

Diving. Diving is another great activity in Boracay Island. Having a great adventure under the sea is something that I have done so far for my entire life. However, I would always love to experience diving and have to appreciate the beauty of the corals, fishes and everything that’s under the sea.

Wall Climbing. Have you tried wall climbing? Wall Climbing in Boracay Island is just Php 40.00 per climb and I am sure that you will be having fun. The Wall Climbing is located at the center of the “D’Mall Plaza.

Lodgings, Accommodations, Places to Stay and Hotels in Boracay Island, Philippines:

Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa

Another 5-star hotel in Boracay Island located in Barangay Yapak, Boracay Island, Boracay. Experience the luxury and the world-class amenities such as Fitness/Gym, Beauty Centre, Tennis courts, Golf Course, Water sports activities and many more. Read more…

More list of Hotels in Boracay island, Philippines…

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